After the acquisition of Zylom by RealNetworks, a new website and e-mails needed to be designed. Technology and content was used from Zylom, while the look and feel was used from the North American RealArcade sites. was designed for the European target group, usability tested, and built in less than 6 months. Later, it was broadened to serve the Latin American audience as well. The website is no longer available online due to corporate restructuring.

Year: 2007
Designed for: and RealNetworks

Sparta is a three piece project consisting of a shoe, purse, and hair accessory made from aluminum and plastics. The project went through all the design phases; from sketching to modeling, and from manufacturing to a gallery show.

Designed for: 2003 Graduation Project, Western Washington University
: Aluminum, plastic, silica

The Eggcognito concept was designed for Kwetters, an egg company. They wished to sell individually wrapped, boiled eggs on the store shelves around Easter time. These boxes are meant to give us the feeling that we have found an egg out in the wild, much like we did as children.

Year: 2004
Designed for: Kwetters
: Paperboard