Green Design

Thick, paper boxes can be stacked up to contain an entire in-flight meal. Once stacked, they are wrapped in paper towel lined brown paper and sealed with a sticker. When the box is opened, the wrapper can be used as a placemat to catch the crumbs and wipe the fingers. Stackables can be used in any combination of depends on how many courses are served.

Year: 2004
Designed for
: 2005 IFCA conference in Copenhagen
Materials: thick paper board, paper, paper towel


The Eggcognito concept was designed for Kwetters, an egg company. They wished to sell individually wrapped, boiled eggs on the store shelves around Easter time. These boxes are meant to give us the feeling that we have found an egg out in the wild, much like we did as children.

Year: 2004
Designed for: Kwetters
: Paperboard